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Most lenders dread engine rebuild and repair loans.  After all, if you still owe money on your truck or van, lending additional money on the engine can often be a tough process.

We're different.  We look at your credit, time in business, and track record to provide needed funds for truck or vehicle components like engines, transmissions, and other parts.

The Engine Rebuild Group provides financing for engines, transmissions, and more.

Our passion for providing financing that is customer centered is just one of the reasons we've been doing it since 1986.  Engine repairs and rebuilds are our specialty, but we have financed APU systems, refrigeration units, exhaust systems, and more.

At Engine Rebuild Group, we know the industry and have tailored our loan and lease financing products to fit the unique needs of companies that need to upgrade, repair, or modify existing equipment, trucks, or other vehicles. We're here to help by providing fast, easy, and reliable financing options.

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Over $1 billion in loans since 1986.


98% of finance companies will not finance an engine, transmission, or part if you're not making a new vehicle purchase.


Banks, credit unions, and most independent finance companies are happy to lend you money for an engine repair or rebuild as part of a new purchase of equipment or vehicles.  Our unique engine financing programs are the first of their kind.  As long as you're buying your parts of components from a licensed vendor, we can provide funding.

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